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The opening of Park Hyatt Bangkok may have again slipped due to the fire on the 26th floor of the building. It is unclear what damage the fire may have caused.

Park Hyatt Bangkok Fire

The fire started on the 26th floor that was used to store material and the cause was likely short circuit. [click to continue…]

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When I was walking back to the St. Regis in Chengdu the other night, I saw this one hotel whose name really resembles one western chain (especially when pronounced).

Haiyatt Hotel Chengdu

Seems that there are quite a few Haiyatt hotels in China, and the New York Times ran an article three years ago about Chinese hotels that have name resembling (magically) a western counterpart. [click to continue…]

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The iconic Agbar Tower in Barcelona (or as John prefers to call it, “the dildo”) will not become a Grand Hyatt Hotel according to several reports.

Source: WikiMedia Commons

Emin Capital and Westmont Hospitality Group, the Project developers, announced a couple days ago that they were withdrawing the project due to the “wear” that has supposed the processing of the construction licenses with Barcelona local authorities, being unsuccessful in obtaining them since 2013.

[click to continue…]

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This week’s Compensation Clinic is provided to us from the Andaz Shanghai where I actually had a nice stay two weeks ago but the bill was charged to the wrong method of payment post departure.

During this particular stay, the stay was guaranteed with a different credit card than handed over at checkout for billing due to a small security issue upon arrival. [click to continue…]

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This Wednesday, Whine Wednesdays revisits the topic of the functionality of Hyatt’s website that appears to go down for hours every week, and I am not talking about updates that many companies do late on Saturday/early Sunday mornings.


You would think that in this day and age, they would have implemented an IT system that would ensure that the website is functional 99.9% of the time, but apparently this doesn’t matter to them. [click to continue…]

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Another week of our regular series Whine Wednesday and today we talk about Bathroom Amenities available at hotels that many properties have now changed to an ‘On Request’ option.

ww-amenitiesUsually full service hotels (especially in the 4-5 Star range) provide a full range of bathroom amenities but more and more properties lay out less of these products nowadays. [click to continue…]

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Hyatt Gold Passport has outdone itself once more when it comes to the matter of absolutely terrible marketing and IT infrastructure after a widely advertised online Q&A with Mr. Zidell turned awry.

hyatt-zidellThe Reddit session which was advertised as a way of mutual exchange and clarification of open questions ended up as a pathetic marketing tirade with nothing but lame excuses. [click to continue…]

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A central issue and general concern for many of our readers has been the revamp of the Hyatt Gold Passport program effective March 1, 2017 and the high requirements for their new top tier Globalist.


The new program ‘World of Hyatt’ requires 60 nights stayed each calendar year starting in 2017 to qualify for the Globalist tier (55 nights to requalify once you reach Globalist status, including current Diamond members transitioned to the Globalist tier in 2017)  while the option to qualify via stays has been eliminated entirely. [click to continue…]