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United Airlines has launched new flash sale campaign for buying MileagePlus miles at up to 100% bonus but only for four days (May 24 – 27, 2016) that is open for all members.

United Airlines Buy MielagePlus Miles Up To 100 Percent Bonus May 24 - 27 2016

United Airlines has promotions pretty much every month for buying miles, but they all max at 100% bonus or at 50% discount (same price really but the 100% bonus is better offer if you need lots of miles). [click to continue…]

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Well. It has certainly been an interesting year for the United. The CEO is back after having a heart attack last year and the airline just went through a board room battle.

United Airlines Email

It is very difficult to get excited about a new coffee or supposedly updated meal services in premium cabins (aren’t they still ineligible?). [click to continue…]

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United Airlines is not known for its customer service. The airline tends to be the dead last on the DOT and various studies derived from the data when it comes to customer satisfaction and number of complaints.


Now, the airline tries to get Untied.com, a Canadian website, shutdown on a premise that posts email addresses and phone number for select United Airlines executives that are in charge of “customers”. The case is currently legislated in Montreal. [click to continue…]

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For the first time after maybe six years I had to fly United Airlines Global First again last week, simply due to scheduling and I was absolutely shocked by what was offered on the Hong Kong-Singapore route.

United First ClassI had a connection arriving on Thai First Class and connecting to United Global First was a shock like someone throwing you into a cold pool after coming out of a sauna. [click to continue…]

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A group of 13 Flight Attendants reached a settlement with their former and new employer United Airlines after the airline terminated the employment following a dispute over the safety of a flight in July 2014.

UA Flight AttendantsBack then the flight attendants spotted a graffiti on the rear end of the aircraft which was supposed to bring them and their passengers to Seoul, South Korea. The crew feared foul play and refused to fly. [click to continue…]