Use IATA’s Timatic To Check Entry Requirements For All Countries


When it comes to travel, it is sometimes confusing to find out what Visas or other travel documents, like health certificates, one might need to enter the country. Also how long one can stay often depends of the travel document used,and from which country it is from.

What I have found to be the most useful tool to check the entry requirements, the same tool that the airline personnel also use when checking you in, is the IATA’s Timatic.

There are several airline websites that offer the Timatic for free. The one that I use is the Delta’s version that you can find at.

Today, when I was checking entry requirements for UAE using a Finnish passport, I realized that I need to use the passport without the Israeli stamp as otherwise I would most likely get a third degree:

Holders of passports containing an Israeli visa or stamp must obtain clearance through the C.I.D. (Crime Investigation Dept.) upon arrival.