Male – Maldives For A Day


Due to number of flights arriving very late or departing early, it is often necessary for travelers to stay overnight in Male. If you book your accommodation in Male through your hotel or travel agent, they will most likely boo you to Hulhule Island hotel that is conveniently located on the same island with the airport itself. This is the only hotel in the Male where one can buy and enjoy alcoholic beverages.

There is no need to book this Hulhule Island hotel, however. I have booked Mookai hotel twice that is located in Male proper. I will write a short review of this hotel later.

Transferring to the Male from the airport island is super easy. Just make sure to withdraw some local currency from the ATM’s in the arrival area to pay for the transfer boat. These small boats to Male leave every ten minutes or so and are impossible to miss.

Male itself is often overlooked by the travelers as only a place where one arrives to Maldives and continues their trip to any of the resorts either by boat or air transfer.

There are, however, things to do in Male to spend a day there. The island is very convenient just to walk around and have a look at the few sights they have. Also there are some cafes and restaurants that are mostly concentrated nearby the terminal area of the Male.

When I was there last time back in August, it was unfortunately during the Ramadan, when most of the businesses are closed during the day time hours. During the evening all the streets were full of people going on motorbikes from one place to another.

There is a small artificial beach on the eastern side of the island. The beach itself is nothing spectacular but good enough if you want to soak a bit. There is also a small restaurant where once can have some refreshing non-alcoholic beverages and some light bite.

Then there is the infamous fish market on the North Western side of the island, where fishermen are selling their fresh catch. The smell can get bit strong for a foreign nose.

So next time when you are going to your favorite resort, spend a day in Male and explore the capital city.