Earn Extra Hyatt Gold Passport Points When Diamond Amenity Points (1W) Doesn’t Post Automatically

Over the years the posting of Diamond Amenity and other bonus points have been erratic to say the least. Normally, I just wait until I have 5 to 10 stays to correct and then do them all over a phone call. Apparently Hyatt is now offering a 50% bonus if one needs to call and have the amenity points posting corrected. This is retroactive for stays from mid-October.

Sometimes it makes sense to choose airline miles instead of Hyatt points for stays. This especially when they have airline related bonuses going on and the stay is a one nighter. Diamond amenity never posts automatically when the airline miles are chosen. These needs to be posted manually by Hyatt GoldPassport customer “service”. Occasionally you might get a representative who is not aware of the fact that stays that are posted as miles are also eligible for Diamond amenity points. If that happens, the best way to correct the situation is to ask to speak with a supervisor.

Most likely these extra points are charged back to the properties so it is now in their best interest to have these points posted correctly in the first place. Not sure how they are going to handle the lower quality Hyatt Place properties that have mostly clueless employees checking people in/out.

Please note that only stays in United States, Canada, and Caribbean are eligible for the Diamond amenity points instead of the amenity itself. I wish that one could choose the points instead of the “amenity” at international properties as well, as sometime the amenity is only couple of apples.

1. Stay doesn’t post at all?

2. Posts as points even when airline miles are chosen?

3. Posts as airline miles but the amenity is missing?

4. Club lounge closed bonus doesn’t post?

5. Bed type guarantee doesn’t post?

6. Property posts incorrect revenue amount?

7. Website doesn’t work?

8. Diamond “representative” doesn’t know that you are eligible for Diamond amenity when miles are chosen?