Aroplan Introduces More Fuel Surcharges – Get Your Redemptions In Before The Change.

Last week Aeroplan briefly introduced fuel surcharges for number of carriers before backpedalling and charging them only for flights on Lufthansa operated flights.

Today they tweeted about the upcoming changes in couple of weeks’ time. Now they are starting to collect fuel surcharges for quite a few different airlines. Surprisingly, even the Japan Airlines made the list even when they are Oneworld carrier.

Air Canada Aeroplan

Personally,  I don’t believe that it is a coincidence how this press release is worded.  Aeroplan claims that

“With the increasing cost of fuel, many airlines have started charging fuel surcharges on redemption tickets. All fuel surcharge amounts are applied by Aeroplan on behalf of the ticketing carrier and are passed through directly to the ticketing carrier. Fuel surcharge amounts are determined by each airline and may change from time to time. Aeroplan has applied fuel surcharges for flight rewards on Air Canada since 2004. The fuel surcharge amounts to be applied by Aeroplan for flights on Star Alliance airlines will be the same as those applied by the individual airlines within their own frequent flyer programs.”

The fuel costs the same today as it did in 2008. Aeroplan doesn’t even claim that the OPERATING CARRIER would see a penny of these fuel surcharges that they collect behalf of the TICKETING CARRIER. The ticketing carrier in all Aeroplan issued tickets is Air Canada

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