New Offer from US Airways for Buying Dividend Miles at 1.75 Cents per Mile – Capped at 80K.

US Airways already mistakenly leaked the web page couple of weeks ago about this promotion that started today. At the time they took the web page down.

US Airways Buy Miles December 2011

This time around you can buy up to 40K Dividend miles at 3.5 cents per mile, and they double the amount up to 40K miles. Essentially, you are paying 1.75 cents per mile. Last time when they offered this buy miles promotion the price of the mile bough was less than 1.5 cents per mile. This promotion is valid until the end of the month.

Does it make sense to buy Dividend Miles at 1.75 cents per mile? I would say that it does if you are planning on redeeming them for long haul business or first class tickets on Star Alliance carriers. US Airways doesn’t charge for YQ’s (fuel surcharges) when quite a few other airlines do. You probably might end up paying some ticketing fees, however.

Last time in August I did buy the maximum number of miles allowed. This time around, however, I am not 100% sure at this point. I am bit “rich” on my mileage balances and wouldn’t have immediate use for these.

Here’s the link for buying the miles.