Transportation Options from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport to the City Center.


There are myriad of transportation options from the Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport (BKK) to the city center. As I travel around the Asia extensively, I often decide to have either along transfer (less than 24 hours) or stop over for a few days in Bangkok. I probably do this 10 to 15 times a year.

My personal choice is the public taxi from the departures level. I used to take the taxi at the arrivals level, but there really is no reason to do that. The SkyTrain is nice to do once, but even then I was questioning myself why I just didn’t take a cab. The AOT ladies are annoyingly trying to push their car service that costs about triple, if not more, compared to the public taxi.

1. Public taxi from the arrivals level. There is normally a short line. You give them your hotels name and it is then communicated to the driver. You need to pay 50 THB extra in addition to the possible tolls and the metered fare.  Depending on the destination the fare is most likely 200 to 250 THB. You need to pay the tolls of 25 THB and 45 THB.

2. Public taxi from the departures level. This is where the taxis drop their customers at the airport. You can get a taxi from here as well and there is no need to pay for the airport fee of 50 THB. It is probably good to know the destination address in Thai language. Depending on the destination the fare is most likely 200 to 250 THB. You need to pay the tolls of 25 THB and 45 THB.

3. AOT Limousine. When waiting for the bags in the arrivals hall you are most likely asked couple of times if you need transportation. This is the “official” airport taxi. Their fares are about triple to the metered taxis.

4. Car service through the hotel. This is probably the most convenient of the options. They can arrange someone to meet you at the airport door, and escort you through the immigration and customs. Depending of the car used the fee is probably around 3000 THB.

5. Taking the BTS SkyTrain. Some like taking the SkyTrain from the airport to the city center. I have taken it once, and can only recommend it if you are traveling very light. You need to change the train at least once. The fare is around 100 THB.

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