Marriott Rewards Spring 2012 MegaBonus Announced – Few Variations of the Offer.


Marriott has been very predictable when it comes to promotions they are running. Two weeks ago I wrote about the MegaMiles promotion that runs from January 1st till April 30th. The new MegaBonus dates are from February 1st to April 30th.


The “generic” version of this promotion is for a free category 1 to 4 certificate after two paid stays. The maximum number of free night certificates one can earn is two. The limiting factor is the category 1 to 4 where the free night certificate can be used, and the relatively short expiration. Most of the category 1 to 4 hotels in the United States are not full service Marriott hotels. There are hotels in Asia like JW Marriott Beijing that is a very good value for a category 4 free night certificate.


Other variations of the Springs 2012 MegaBonus

– Up to three Category 1 – 4 free night certificate after every two stays starting from your second stay. You need seven stays to max this promotion for three category 1 to 4 free night certificates.

– 35000 points after 20 nights + 15000 points at 25 nights = max 50K.

– 25000 points after 15 night + 15000 points after 20 nights = max 40K.

– 5000 points per stay, starting from the second stay. Maximum number of points 25K


When you log in to your Marriott Rewards account and choose the Marriott Promotions central, it should show which promotion you are targeted if any. If you are Gold or higher member, you can call Marriott Rewards and request them to switch your targeted promotion to any of the ones above.  I was targeted to the 25K points one, but will call and request them to switch my account for three free night certificates after seven stays.