Sign up for Email Newsletter and Get $50 off Coupon for LAN flights.

Lan, airline based in Chile, has launched a dedicated website that is targeted to GLBT audience. You can get a $50 off discount coupon when you sign up for the Diversity email newsletter.


LAN has grown significantly in the past decade and now has subsidiaries in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. The airline is currently merging with Tam, and the merger is expected to close sometime this year.

So, I decided to sign up for the newsletter. You only need to input your email address and the name. As a matter of fact, you can sign up as many times as you wish. Lan seems to be happy to send out these discount codes. I had been planning to have a greater tour of South America later this year and thought that these might come handy.


The problem is that there are no terms and conditions for these discount codes. I tried to find out when they expire, are there any use limitation or fare limitations. Couldn’t find any information so decided to run few test to see how they work.

The Lima to Cusco is very popular destinations for tourists in Peru who are going to Machu Picchu. Couple of years ago, I flew the LIM-CUS return on Lan. For some reason the coupon didn’t seem to work on this route. It only returned the following rather weird return message.


Same happened when I was checking a return from Santiago to Buenos Aires.


Then I tried return flight from Los Angeles to Lima. Not sure why, but the system took off 10% automatically and after using the coupon another $50 off.


Then return from Miami to Quito. No 10% off discounts this time but the $50 off coupon did work.


Based on my very brief test, it appears that the coupon doesn’t work on flights within the South America. It does work on the flights from North America to South America, however.