US Airways Sending Targeted Offers for Buying Dividend Miles at 25% to 50% off

US Airways has been very active at selling miles at various price points in the past few years. Normally they have doubled the number of miles that you have been buying. This time, however, they are giving discounts.

Some have reported of receiving emails from US Airways regarding this miles sale that is apparently targeted to those who bought some miles from US last year. I did buy miles once from US last year, but did not receive this email offer.

Last year, I applied and received one of the credit cards that US was pushing. They opened a new Dividend miles account for me even when I had indicated on the application that the miles should be credited to the existing one. I have yet to merge these accounts.

So, I decided just to try and see if the system would give me any discounts for buying miles. All you need to do is to fill out your info and indicate the number of miles you would like to purchase. Lo and behold, the account that had purchased miles from US last year was indeed eligible for the discount, although no emails regarding this sale had ever been received.


Then I tried using the other Dividend miles account that hadn’t had any other activity than miles from the credit card. That account was not eligible for this offer.


So, the question then is, whether I should buy these 50K US Dividend miles at around 1.9 cents per mile? I am not 100% sure. US miles are flexible and good use for complicated Star Alliance carrier itineraries in business or first class. They typically have these sales every few months, so I will probably going to pass it this time around as I don’t have use for these miles in the immediate future. But if you have some award travel coming up and don’t have the miles in place to issue them, this could well be a worthwhile offer to participate.

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