Hyatt Announced Spring 2012 Promo – Earn up to 44000 Bonus Points


Here’s the updated registration link for this promo that now alive.

Hyatt’s promos were rather lackluster in 2011 compared to what Hyatt had been offering for years. The beginning of 2012 doesn’t look any brighter.


The spring promo starts on February 1st and ends on April 30th. It is based on nights and not on stays. There are four thresholds for extra points, and Hyatt credit card holders will get 25% bonus.

4 nights – 4000 bonus points = 4000 cumulative points = 1000 average nightly bonus

8 nights – 8000 bonus points = 12000 cumulative points = 1500 average nightly bonus

12 nights – 12000 bonus points = 24000 cumulative points = 2000 average nightly bonus

16 nights – 20000 bonus points = 44000 cumulative points = 2750 average nightly bonus

In overall scheme of things the promo is ok, but doesn’t really compare to what Hyatt had been offering up to 2011.

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