Sheraton Heathrow Hotel, UK – Review of My Worst Sheraton Stay


Starwood has used a lot of money in the past few years trying to bring the Sheraton hotels up to the brand standards or force them to leave the chain.

Still the Sheraton brand is probably the most inconsistent of them all. You have Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok that is a wonderful Luxury Collection property, but yet Sheraton branded. Then you have this Sheraton hotel in Heathrow that should be Four Points.

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Getting to the hotel from the airport

Getting from the airport to the hotel you have really two choices; either use the Hotel Hoppa bus that cost 4.5 GBP per person and goes every 20 minutes or to take a taxi, which I took, that costs around 13 GBP.

Checking in

The hotel outside doesn’t look inviting at all. It looks like any generic, non-branded, and 2 to 3 star property. There were renovations going on in the lobby area. Couldn’t find a SPG Platinum/Gold member check in desk. There were some irregular operations in Heathrow that day and there was quite a few air crews checking out to make their flights. I asked one lady where their Platinum check in desk was (apparently they don’t have any) and she promised to help me next which she for sure did.

There is only one suite at this property. To my understanding all the other rooms are basically the same. I was put on the 3rd floor quite close to the club. There was something wrong with the fire doors as they were extremely heavy. It was difficult trying to carry your stuff and open these doors. Apparently they have some problems with the magnets (?).

Room 3351

Where should I start? It was fairly functional and ok for a night sleep. That’s about it. It was definitely in need of some sort of renovations. In the bathroom the shower head was coming off from the wall and the temperature panel was very loose as well. My TV suddenly turned itself on in the middle of the night. There was no wireless internet access but luckily the cable was just about long enough that I could use the internet from the bed.

Club Lounge

Visited the lounge only during the evening cocktail hour. They had some white and red wine available. Didn’t see any beers but there might have been some in the fridge. They had couple of hot items and stuff that you could dip – not a very good spread.

Departure Experience

I had the same lady to check me out in the morning who had checked me in the night before. She was great. I told her about the problems I had and apparently she had forwarded my concerns as someone from the property emailed me the day after my stay.

The hotel is offering a private taxi to the airport for a flat free off 10 GBP that is cheaper than a taxi. I chose it over the hotel hoppa bus.


It is an adequate hotel for an overnight stay. It should not, however, be branded as Sheraton on its current condition. It is more like a Four Points, if even that.