Pay, Use Starpoints, or Cash & Points When Booking With Starwood?

Starwood offers number of options to pay for a room. You can book a revenue stay, use points, or use cash & points option. I rarely book anything else than full revenue stays. Points and cash & points stays are not qualifying stays for any promotions that Starwood might be running. They do qualify for stay and night credit, however.

The other day I was faced with a dilemma. I could book the Sheraton Fiji resort for 342 FJD (including the taxes of 20%), pay 7000 Starpoints, or use cash & points for 45 USD + 2800 Starpoints.


I chose the 342 FJD that ($195) and why I should have chosen the Cash & Points option:

– I value Starpoints around 2 cents each. The pure points option would have been $140

– Using the same 2 cents per Starpoint the cash & points option would have cost $101

– The paid stays earns me maybe 500 points based on the revenue which is $10 but it would be a stay credit for the Asia-Pacific promotion of Two Days of Happy for a free night certificate after five nights and/or two after nine nights.

The credit towards the Two Days of Happy wouldn’t have justified of paying the pure cash rate. I made a mistake here and left maybe $60 to $70 on the table if I value the partial credit towards the free night certificate at $20.