Emirates Offering Double Miles for Business & First Class Travel in May

Emirates has been very competitive on the promotional side lately. In early January they run a fantastic fare sale that almost broke my bank. Booked couple of first class tickets for March travel. Also, the airline is offering very large mileage accelerator bonuses for certain new routes. You may want to consider crediting Emirates flights to their latest partner Alaska. I wrote about a possible strategy of crediting some Emirates flights to Alaska’s program. They are also offering double miles on all Emirates flights from March 1st to May 31st.


The following offer came in an February email update from Emirates. Now, they are running a new promotion for double miles in May for business and first class travel if ticketed between February 16th and February 29th. You need to register for this RCSFJ14FEB12 promotion here. Also, it is worth checking the small print that is rather long to make sure that you satisfy all the requirements.

It is easy to see exactly how many miles you would earn for you travel. Just log into your Skyward account and sign up for this promo. Then search for the flights. If you choose to see the mileage breakdown, it will show all the bonuses that you are eligible for.

Here is an example of flying from Milan to Bangkok on Emirates business class in May


Note that you can choose between a business class saver and flex fare. The flex fare earns higher number of base and tier miles, but also costs close to 400 euros more.


If you haven’t tried Emirates yet, you probably should during one of their fare sales and/or promotions. Their business class is often very competitively priced as the example above illustrates. Try to pick up flights with the A380 so that you can experience the business class bar.