InterContinental Hotels Priority Club Award Category 2012 Excel List


Last month InterContinental Hotel’s Group changed the award categories of many of its hotels. They refused, however, to produce a list of properties that went up, down, or stayed the same. I went through the entire list of InterContinental hotels and posted my findings back then.

Some people contacted me and expressed their interest to have the entire list. I previously posted only the hotels that had changed their categories. I decided that I could do it.

Please find the entire list of InterContinental hotels as an excel sheet. Please note that the information was correct as of January 19th, 2012. If there are any corrections, please don’t hesitate to email me at

The (I) is for the nightly rate for the hotel in USD for May 15th and the (J) us the “value” of Priority Club points (price/number of points required).

This Excel sheet is released for personal non-commercial use only. Any publication or commercial use must be cleared beforehand.

InterContinental Hotels Categories 2012 – Copy