Trying to Get a Good Deal for a Hotel? Ask for a Local Rate.

For the past two weeks I have been in the Fiji and Samoa. The former is well covered with chain hotels, for the good and the bad, and I am accustomed of getting a fairly good price at them using various methods like discount codes, doing a cash + points redemptions, pure point redemptions etc.

There were some hotels that appeared to be acceptable in Apia like Millenia hotel, that turned out to be a dud. The only problem was that the price wasn’t really inline with the accommodation and amenities they were providing. So, I decided to check out after two nights. I had driven past the Aggie Grey’s couple of times that appeared to be the hotel to stay when in Apia. The only problem was that the price was on the high side.

Luckily, I met a nice Aussie who has been living on the island for a long time and was running couple of business. He said that he will call the hotel to see if they could extend the local rate for me as well. And for sure the hotel did just that. I paid what I think was a fair price for a nice hotel. (The review will come in the next couple of weeks)

So my advice would be to contact your friends/family and ask them to call the hotels to find out the local rates. This probably works best in places where the income inequality is the greatest between the visitors and locals. If you really need to have a local ID, they can come and add themselves to the room as a guest as well.