Kingfisher Airlines Kings Club Offering Transfer Bonus + Upgrade Vouchers + Free Tickets for Mileage Transfers In

Kingfisher Airlines has had a tumultuous month. Its entry to Oneworld was put on hold and it was temporarily suspended from IATA clearinghouse membership. Also, there has been reduction in scheduled number of flights, and discussion also of unpaid wages for its employees.


Now, Kingfishers King Club is offering bonuses for mileage transfers into its program. Whether this makes any sense it is really a gamble. If the airline somehow manages to stay afloat, this offer appears to be quite lucrative.

  • Convert your loyalty points equivalent to 1,000 to 4,999 King Miles in one shot & earn 20% bonus King Miles
  • Convert points equivalent to 5,000 to 9,999 King Miles in one shot and earn 25% bonus King Miles and 1 upgrade voucher
  • Convert points equivalent to 10,000 King Miles in one shot (and then onwards in multiples of 10K) and earn 30% bonus King Miles + 2 upgrade vouchers + 1 One-way Kingfisher Class/Red domestic ticket (base fare) free

There are number of partners that you can use to transfer miles in. The ones that caught my eye are Amex Membership Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, and Marriott Rewards.

Starwood offers a bonus of 5000 miles for every 20000 Starpoints transferred. Transferring 40K Starwood points would yield 50000 King Club miles. And with the 30% King Club transfer bonus this would become total of 65000 King Club miles. You would also get 5 one-way Kingfisher domestic tickets + 10 upgrade vouchers.

There are terms and conditions attached to both of these “free” tickets and upgrade vouchers making them not entirely free. This offer is valid for transfers that are posted to the members Kings Club account by March 31st, 2012.

Terms and conditions of the transfer offer:

  • This Conversion Bonus Offer is valid between 21st February, 2012 and 31st March, 2012 both days inclusive.(Hereinafter referred to as the “Offer Period”).
  • To qualify for the Conversion Bonus Offer members must convert 1000, 5000 or 10000 Partner King Miles or more at a time (“Eligibility Criterion”) in their King Club account during the offer period by conversion activity.
  • Eligible Members will earn 20% Bonus of the number of Miles that have converted under this Conversion Bonus Offer on conversion of 1000 partner king miles.
  • Eligible Members will earn 1 Upgrade Voucher + 25% Bonus of the number of Miles that have converted under this Conversion Bonus Offer on conversion of 5000 partner King Miles or more at once.
  • Eligible Members will earn 2 Upgrade Voucher + 30% Bonus of the number of Miles that have converted under this Conversion Bonus Offer on conversion of 10000 partner King Miles or more in one transaction .
  • If there is multiples of 10000 King miles converted in a single transaction the above offer will be repeated.
  • Bonus Partner King Miles will not be calculated on retroactive basis under any circumstances. Points converted to Partner King Miles and posted into the membership account during the promotion period will qualify for the conversion bonus.  Similarly points converted during the offer period, but not reflecting in the Member’s King Club account on or before 31st March, 2012 will not qualify for the bonus Offer.
  • To qualify for the upgrade voucher, member must convert point’s equivalent to 5,000 or more King Miles in a single transaction.
  • To qualify for the upgrade vouchers and Kingfisher Airlines Domestic one-way base fare free Kingfisher Class/Red free ticket, member must convert point’s equivalent to 10,000 or more King Miles in a single transaction.
  • Upgrade Voucher & the complimentary base fare free ticket under this Conversion Bonus Offer will usually be send to the Cardholders registered address  within 3 to4  weeks of conversion. post the Offer period.
  • Members who qualify for the base fare free ticket will receive a unique Promo & PIN code. (There are separate sets of terms and conditions applicable on these Base Fare Free Tickets, we request the Eligible Members to peruse them).
  • The Bonus Partner King Miles will not be taken into account for tier-qualification and/or retention, but can be redeemed for flights activities.
  • This Conversion Bonus Offer cannot be combined with any other offer under the King Club Programme that may run concurrently.
  • Members doing Credit Card conversion need to contact Card issuers for Issuer specific terms & conditions if any.
  • This Offer is not applicable for American Express Kingfisher First Credit cardholders & ICICI Bank Kingfisher Airlines MasterCard Credit cardholders.
  • This offer is only applicable to guests whose membership number is mentioned in the offer mailer
  • Kingfisher Airlines Limited (“KFA”)  reserves the right to extend or terminate these offers without prior notice
  • The above terms & conditions need to be read in conjunction with the King Club Terms & Conditions. You can view our Terms and Conditions on
  • To the extent permissible by local law or regulation, these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian law. KFA and each Member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts to resolve any disputes that may arise out of these terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the free ticket offer:

  • This offer will be valid only on direct/non-stop flight (single flight no from ORIGIN to DESTINATION) to all destinations serviced by KFA in India.
  • Reservations and ticketing to be completed at least 14 days prior to departure.
  • All Tickets shall be in ‘Economy’ class (Kingfisher Class/Kingfisher Red only)
  • All bookings are subject to availability of seats.
  • Ticketing & Travel has to be completed between 1st June – 30th August, 2012.
  • Ticket has nil base fare.  Any additional cost on the Fuel Surcharge & Government taxes (inclusive of Passenger Service Fee and User Development Fee) are to be borne by the guest.
  • Base fare ticket is valid only for individual travel, no group booking permitted with the above fare.
  • The Offer cannot be clubbed with any other discounts or offers.
  • All fare components are subject to change.
  • KFA reserves the right to change flight schedules without any prior notifications.
  • All other Terms and Conditions as appearing on the Conditions of Carriage, available on the website  to the extent not contrary with the terms set forth herein, will apply to this Offer.

Terms and conditions of the upgrade vouchers:


From time to time, King Club may offer its Members Upgrade Vouchers, which will entitle the holder to complimentary upgrades to Kingfisher First on applicable flights and fare level.
2. Upgrades against Vouchers are permitted only on Kingfisher operated and marketed flights for an upgrade from a purchased Kingfisher Class to Kingfisher First.
3. Upgrade Vouchers can be used only on revenue bookings that are ticketed before listing for the upgrade.
4. Upgrade Vouchers are valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue printed on the face of the Upgrade Voucher. The validity of the Upgrade Voucher will not be extended under any circumstances unless the member is holding a voucher which has validity of two years mentioned on the voucher.
5. Usage of Upgrade Voucher on flights operated by Kingfisher is based on our “Travelled Distance” concept. The Travelled Distance is equal to Ticketed Point Mileage between two Sectors.
6. The number of Upgrade Vouchers required for a one way upgrade, on the basis of travelled distance, is as below:
Kingfisher Class to Kingfisher First:
a Less than 1500 Miles (All domestic sectors, Chennai-Colombo, Delhi-Dubai) – 1 Voucher
b Between 1501 and 2000 Miles (Mumbai-Bangkok, Delhi-Bangkok) 2 Vouchers
c Between 2001 and 3500 Miles (Mumbai-Singapore, Mumbai-Hong Kong, Delhi-Hong Kong) 3 Vouchers
d Between 3501 and 7000 Miles (London-Mumbai, Delhi-London) 4 Vouchers
e Between 7001 and 10000 Miles 5 Vouchers
f Over 10000 Miles 6 Vouchers
7. Upgrade to Kingfisher First on domestic/international Sectors can only be used in conjunction with a purchased Economy ticket made in all classes of booking except tickets issued under fare classes Q,O,E,T,X,R,G, and P for King Base, Red, Silver & Gold members(R,P,X,G for King Platinum members).
Members may request for upgrades when travelling on any purchased, published fare on eligible Kingfisher flights.
8. To get an upgrade on domestic Sectors, Members must contact the Kingfisher reservations office and book their upgrades by quoting their Voucher numbers, no later than 6 hours before departure. At this time, the upgrade will be confirmed to the Member right away, if available. For an upgrade on international Sectors, Members must contact any Kingfisher Airlines reservations office and book their upgrade by quoting the Voucher number(s) no later than 24 hours prior to departure of their flight. At this time, the upgrade will be confirmed to the Member right away, if available.
9. The Voucher number must be presented at the time of making the request and the Voucher, in original, must be handed over at the time of check-in. The upgrade will not be honoured if the physical voucher is not presented at the time of check-in.
10. Members must arrive at the check in counter a minimum of 45 minutes prior to departure for flights within India and 3 hours prior to departure for international flights. Check-in directly at the Kingfisher First check-in counter by presenting the required Upgrade Voucher(s).
11. Booking an upgrade is mandatory. Members, who have not booked themselves for an upgrade, may not be accommodated even though seats may be available in Kingfisher First, at the time of departure.
12. Use of Upgrade Vouchers is not subject to any blackout periods. It is however subject to class and capacity at the sole discretion of Kingfisher Airlines.
13. Each Upgrade Voucher is valid only for a single one-way, direct, nonstop Kingfisher operated flight only. In case of through a flight with en-route stops, the upgrade will only be offered if the next class of service seating can be confirmed for all segments of the flight, at the time of offering the upgrade. If the through-flight with en route stops involves different flight numbers, then multiple vouchers will be required. In cases of connecting flights, where there is a change of aircraft; one Voucher will be permitted for use on one Sector only. E.g. For travel on DEL-BOM-IXE, one Upgrade Voucher will be used on the DEL-BOM Sector and a separate Voucher will be used for the BOM-IXE Sector.
14. The Upgrade Voucher is not refundable, exchangeable or extendable and has no cash value.
15. Lost or stolen Vouchers will not be replaced.
16. Upgrade Vouchers can be transferred to anyone by the King Club Member, by endorsing the same on the face of the Upgrade Voucher.
17. King Club Members will be awarded a flight count and will earn King Miles as per the multi-level mileage earning system for the actual booked class only and not for the class upgraded.
18. Upgrades under this offer are applicable only on domestic and international Kingfisher Airlines, marketed and operated flights and not on code share flights or Partner Airlines.
19. Changes to the upgrade request would require the Member to cancel the upgrade and request for a fresh upgrade on the rebooked and ticketed itinerary. The upgrade will be offered subject to availability of Kingfisher First seats, on the revised flight. Any differences in the fare or rebooking charges as applicable would be payable by the Member.
20. In case the Member wishes to cancel the entire ticket, he/she would be required to follow the normal cancellation procedures and pay the normal cancellation charges.
21. If the Member wishes to cancel just the Upgrade, he/she will have to get the full ticket cancelled at a Kingfisher reservations or Kingfisher call centre. A new ticket will have to be issued for travel in Kingfisher Class. Any cancellation charges and difference in fares would be applicable as per fare rules.
22. Any other Vouchers issued by Kingfisher for complimentary upgrades will be governed by the Terms and Conditions printed on their reverse.
23. The Upgrade will be valid only on presenting the correct original Voucher(s) at airport check-in.
24. If any Upgrade Voucher is lost, the same must be reported immediately to the Kingfisher Call Centre to deactivate the same.
25. In case of a through-flight or flights with en-route stops, the upgrade will only be offered on both Sectors of the journey, provided a seat on the higher class of service is available for both segments at the time of requesting the Upgrade.
26. Applicable additional charge of 75 GB apply for travel ex. LHR with effect from 1stNovember 2010.Above applicable RBD’s are effective 28th July 2011