Transit Visa For Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka started to require an Electronic Travel Authorization for quite a few countries that previously were exempt of visa to enter Sri Lanka. I belong to this group. Personally, I don’t think that this “Electronic Travel Authorization” is nothing else than a sort of tourism tax that the government now wants to collect.


Yesterday, I arrived for the very first time since this new system took place. I was flying in on Thai Airway and was going to fly out on Emirates about 36 hours later on a separate ticket. I just proceeded to the regular immigration counter that first tried to suggest that I would need a visa and would have to pay for that. After I explained that I was flying out the following day on Emirates and showed my itinerary from my cell phone, she just stamped the passport with a two day transit visa.


On my previous transit the transit visa was for three days when my transfer was only 12 hours.


I normally rely on Timatic for all kind of visa and transit issues. This time, however, the information on Timatic is somewhat vague. The information on the Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorization website is correct.

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