Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Suite Awards Non-Participating Locations (Updated)


Hyatt decided to finally update the locations where Diamond Suite Awards are not valid. It had already been known for months that the exclusion list they had up on the website was no longer valid. There might be still properties that officially participate, but where you cannot find a single date for confirmable upgrades.

The following properties supposedly don’t have any standard suites where you could use Diamond Suite upgrades:

Hyatt Regency Kyoto


Not sure what is so special about this Regency Suite that would make it non-standard for Diamond Suite upgrades?

Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine


This 60 square meter Regency Suite sounds a lot like a really regular suite to me, but apparently it is not.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort 


Again, this location seems to have quite a few different suite types available. Why this fireside one wouldn’t qualify as a standard one?

Park Hyatt Maldives

I really believe this one as I have been there. They don’t have suites. They have Over Water Villas, Pool Villas, or Regular Villas.

Park Hyatt Sydney


Not sure what is going here. The lowest suite is actually smaller than their Opera or City Deluxe, but it is still not considered a “standard” suite.

Hyatt Santa Barbara 

Fair they don’t have suites. I have stayed there few times and it is a nice hotel.

Key West Resort and Spa 

This is a small property that doesn’t have suites. I have stayed there once.

Hyatt Regency Wichita 


This property has suites, but apparently not many. Wondering what is so special about this Bluestem suite that it couldn’t be categorized as a standard suite for suite redemption purposes?

Hyatt Regency Tulsa

Apparently no suites here.


Apparently four of the nine non-participating properties don’t have suites. The other six that supposedly don’t have any standard suites, do have suites that one could think by reading the suite description to be a standard ones

Hyatt must have had hard time getting some of the better properties to sign up for this suite upgrade thing. They either don’t compensate properties or compensate very little for usage of these suite awards.

Apparently the Park Hyatt Chicago is not available using these Diamond Suite Awards per several Hyatt Private Line agents, although Hyatt has not added that property to the list (yet).

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