InterContinental Hotels Group Priority Club 2nd Quarter Stay/Night Bonuses


Apparently IHG’s Priority Club has two different promotions running for stays/nights that are mutually exclusive. The other one is based on the number of nights stayed and the other one is based on number of stays.

These are the lowest nights/stays to earn the maximum number of points. There are other variations of this offer as well. The best offer is the 10 stays for 15K Priority Club points if most of your stays are no more than a night. Alternatively, you can sign up for the nights based promotion.

You can register for these promotions at Please note that you can only choose one of these offers and it cannot be changed later. This promotion starts on April 1st and is valid until June 30th, 2012.

Nights Based


Stay 3 Nights Get 5000 Bonus Points – Code 1385


Stay 7 Nights Get 10000 Bonus Points – Code 1387


Stay 15 nights Get 15000 Bonus Points – Code 1391

Stay Based


Stay 3 Times Get 5000 Bonus Points – Code 1393


Stay 6 Times Get 10000 Bonus Points – Code 1395


Stay 10 Times Get 15000 Bonus Points – Code 1397

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