BMI’s Diamond Club Likely the Last Date of the Star Alliance Affiliation is April 18th

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There has been lot of confusion about when is the exact date that BMI’s Diamond Club will exit from the Star Alliance. EU recently approved the Lufthansa’s sale of BMI to IAG, the parent of British Airways and Iberia. The expected date for this deal to be finalized was around 20th of April.


Last week BMI posted on their Facebook page that they intent to start withdrawing from Star Alliance upon completion of the above mentioned deal. Today, however, Lufthansa briefly posted the above announcement on their webpage. It was then removed, but you can still access through Google’s cache.

I would be prepared to have all the Diamond Club miles used by 19th of April, if you are planning to use them on Star Alliance. It does start to look as if the BMI’s Diamond Club WILL exit from the Star Alliance on 19th of April. The last date to use Diamond Club miles on Star Alliance carriers would thus be April 18th. You can ticket as far as there is availability and the award will be honored by the carriers. It is very unlikely that you can do any changes to awards after the exit from Star Alliance besides getting a refund of miles and taxes.