SAS Eurobonus Offering Status Matches in China & Hong Kong


This comes handy to those who are losing their Star Alliance Gold status due to BMI exiting the alliance by the end of May, or Oneworld or SkyTeam fliers that have some Star Alliance flights. Earlier in the week I wrote about Etihad’s status match offer for Gold status, and the other week about my status match experience with Alaska.


Scandinavian Airline (SAS) is offering status matches to their Eurobonus program until the end of May, 2012. The only requirement is that you need to have registered your Eurobonus account in China or Hong Kong. You can probably get around this requirement by borrowing an address from a friend living there. Then you just need to email in a copy of the statement or the frequent flyer card to


Even if you are not planning to set your foot on a SAS flight the Star Alliance Gold status comes handy. You can always use business class check in counters, have higher luggage allowance, and have access to airline lounges. You don’t have to credit the flights to SAS’s program, but mere show the card when checking in. If you are US based Star Alliance flier, this would grant you an access to all lounges when flying domestically. No need for a lounge membership.

It is somewhat unclear how long the status would be valid. At the minimum it would be until January/February 2013. This status match program is initiated probably due to SAS’s new Copenhagen – Shanghai route.

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