LAN and GOL Flight Discounts in South America

I have been contemplating to hop over to South America for couple of months. I have spent quite a bit of time in Brazil over numerous trips in the past 10 years, butthere are still quite a few cities that I would like to visit like Brasilia, Curitiba, Florianopolis etc.


Yesterday, I received an email regarding a good offer from Gol. They are having a sale for all of their destinations except Caracas, Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, and Punta Cana. You need to book for a return trip and the return flight is discounted to R$ 39. Gol prices return trips as two one-ways i.e. you pay the regular discounted fare for GRU-MAO (from Sao Paulo to Manaus) and then the MAO-GRU is discounted to R$ 39. You cannot find these discounted prices on websites that have point of sale outside of Brazil. Gol’s website doesn’t accept any other foreign credit cards than American Express.


This offer from Gol is only valid for bookings made by 8AM on 16th of May. Roundtrip travel is required and the minimum stay is two days.


LAN is having a bit different sale. They are offering 15% discount for travel between or within Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela that are booked on by April 27th for travel between April 14th and November 30th, 2012.


I have set my eyes on visiting Easter Islands for a long time. When I was in in the Oceania last month, I was thinking of getting a flight to Papetee and from there taking the one weekly LAN flight to IPC. Maybe I will implement this to my planned South American trip later this year.