Update on My Troubles Booking an Intra-Europe One-way Award on Star Alliance Using United Miles

Last week, I wrote about a problem I had with United Airlines and their 1K desk. I am here in Rome and need to get to Stockholm on Friday to catch my Ethiopian flight to Dubai via Addis Ababa. I do, however, need briefly visit Finland as well and routing from Rome to Stockholm should be a valid one.

When I was trying to get this booked last week, the United.com wasn’t co-operating and was pricing this as two one ways, and the 1K desk agents, when I called, were even less helpful. As a stopgap measure, I have been holding an award space on Finnair flights from Rome to Stockholm via Helsinki using miles from my American Airlines AAdvantage account. The only problem with the Finnair flights was that they wouldn’t give me an overnight in Helsinki. Just a long transfer on Thursday.


To my surprise, when I was pricing this exactly the same itinerary today that United.com wanted 25K miles last week, it came back with the correct number of miles (12.5K) this time around.


When building the Rome – Munich – Helsinki overnight Stockholm, the number of miles required for this one Helsinki to Stockholm flight is shown as 6250 on the pricing screen, when all the others are at 12.5K. If I chose any of the other flights, the United.com was again pricing this complete itinerary incorrectly at 25K, but this one flight suited me the best anyway.


Now, I am only concerned that I booked this in economy, although the business class within Europe is the economy seat with a middle blocked and better catering.

I am happy that I got the flights that I wanted at the end, but dealing with United shouldn’t be this difficult. Have you had troubles booking award flights using United miles? Leave a comment below.