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Unless you know exactly how many nights you are going to stay during the promotional period that you choose, sign up for the double points. If you know FOR SURE that you are going to have at least 15 nights, sign up for the triple points. If your stays are ONLY at Sheraton hotels, sign up for the 500 extra Starpoints per night at Sheraton’s-offer.

There are other worthwhile options, but they only pay after certain number of stays and are capped.


Last week, the details of the SPG Nice Choice summer promotion were leaked out on the internet. I think that it was inevitable that the different options of this promotion would come out before the official announcement on May 1st, 2012.

For me personally this promotion is a huge disappointment compared to what Starwood offered in 2010 and 2011. I was able to put the free weekend nights in 2010 and free resort nights in 2011 to good use. I do understand that some were dissatisfied with the number of properties that decided not to participate to these two promos, and these free weekend or resort nights awards were useless for those that weren’t willing or were unable to use them during the redemption period.

This new promotion is all about the choices, but the problem is that there are so many of them that it is borderline impossible to figure out the best one unless you already have hotels booked and can calculate the payout under various choices.

To get the most out of this forthcoming promotion you must decide:

1. Which of the earning periods would fit you best? You can only choose one of the options.

2. Then what you would like to earn; Starpoints, awards, merchandise discounts, or elite night credits. Each of these options contains multiple choices and you can only choose one.

Choose your own earning period (You can only choose one)

May- July
June- August
July- September

Choose one during which you have the highest number of nights with the Starwood. You won’t earn any bonuses outside of one of these three month periods during the five months they have this promotion running.

Choose whatever you want to earn during (You can only choose one)

Awards (Free Nights & Redemption discounts)
Merchandise discounts
Elite Credit

You need to choose what you would like to earn.

Starpoints Offers

Double Points beginning with 2nd stay. No limits.

This is probably the easiest choice. If you have more than one stay during the promotional period, you are guaranteed to get something out of this promotion. Note that the double points start from your SECOND stay. Probably the best idea to have a one night stay first to qualify for the double points for rest of your stays.

Every 6 nights, get 3k Starpoints (max of 9k)

You will get 500 extra Starpoints per night if you hit exactly 6, 12, or 18 nights during the promotional period. This is good option if your average nightly rates are LOW.

If your nightly rates are higher than $125 and you know that you will stay at least 15 nights, the triple Starpoints offer is better (extra 4 Starpoints per dollar spend).

The double points (extra 2 Starpoints per dollar spend) from your second stay is better too, if your nightly rates are higher than $250.

Earn 500 bonus Starpoints per night at Sheratons worldwide (no limits). Online-bookings ONLY

You will only earn bonus when staying at Sheraton hotels and booking online. Not sure if bookings made through corporate travel portals count as online ones. Probably not.

The triple points offer is better if you hit the 15 nights during the promotional period, your average rate (including all incidentals) is higher than $125, and the triple points offer is valid at ALL SPG hotels.

Stay 15 nights, get Triple Starpoints on all stays retroactively. No limits.

In my opinion this is the best offer, but it won’t pay out unless you have at least 15 nights during the promotion period. The 6/12/18 nights for 3K/3K/3K bonus Starpoints and the 500 bonus Starpoints for each Sheraton nights can be better, if your folio is less than $125 and you hit exactly the number of night requirement of the 6/12/18 night promotion .

Awards Offers

10 nights, get 1 Free Weekend Night (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards. Weekends are Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun.

In 2010 SPG run a promotion where you could get a Free Weekend Night award for every 3 stays and the number of awards earned was unlimited. In 2011 the promotion was for free resort nights at any day of the week. You could earn them at any SPG property. Three stays for one free weekend night. There were some properties that opted out from this promo and these awards were capped.

You will get a payout only if you hit exactly 10 nights and then again at 20 nights. There are no payouts in between.

The category 5 free night is “worth” 12000 Starpoints. By capping the use for only weekend nights when the hotel rates tend to be lower, the “dollar” payout is lower. Not sure about the expiry date of these free weekend night awards, but they probably expire within 4 to 6 months after earning.

This award option is inflexible. You can use Starpoints to redeem cash + points, transfer to airline miles, use to buy airline tickets etc.

Stay 20 nights, get 1 25% percent off redemption Award (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards

You already get a fifth night free when redeeming for category 3 and higher. I would assume that you can stack this discount with that as well. Five night redemption at category 5 hotel would normally cost 48000 Starpoints. The required number of Starpoints after the discount would be 36000 Starpoints.

Merchandise Awards

Stay 4 nights; get US$50 SPG Award Cert (max of 3)
Stay 4 nights; get $50 or EUR50 Westin @ home discount code (max of 3)
Stay 4 nights, get $50 or EUR50 Sheraton @ home discount code (max of 3)

Each of these three award options only pays at 4, 8, or 12 nights. The SPG $50 award certificate is not a bad option, but it will be mailed to you and you need to hand it in when checking out. It counts as a cash payment towards your folio.

If you value Starpoints at 2 cents, this option would give you 625 extra Starpoints per night in SPG hotel credit.

Elite status

Stay 5 nights, earn 1 bonus night toward elite status (max of 3 elite qualifying nights).
Stay 10 nights, earn 3 bonus nights toward elite status (max of 6 nights).

The thing to note here is that you are earning NIGHTS and not stays. You can qualify for SPG Platinum status by having 25 stays or 50 nights.

The payout in the first options is 1/2/3 cumulative elite qualifying nights after 5/10/15 nights. On the second one 3/6 cumulative nights after 10/20 nights.

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