Changing Targeted Marriott Promotions


Marriott tend to run their bigger promotions three times a year. Their winter Megabonus just ended, and the next one is starting at the beginning of June.

Marriott has one bonus offer that is available for their “base” members that sometimes is better than what is offered to their elites.

During the Marriott’s summer promotion the best offer is probably the free night certificate after every two stays for up to three certificates. These are capped at category 4 properties that are sometimes hard to find in the popular US destinations. I tend to use them in Asia and in the Middle East, where you can find very good properties even at category 4 or lower.

What to do if you like to switch the promotion?

If you like to switch the targeted promotions, there are few ways to do it. You might get shown down on your first try, so it doesn’t hurt to try again.

1. Call Marriott Rewards customer service number and tell them the offer that you would prefer to be signed up for.

There is no need to lie, but I prefer to say that a colleague of mine got offered a promotion that I wasn’t, and if they could switch mine to it.

2. Send an email to Marriott Concierge

You can use the following email address to send your request: Remember to include your account info and the promotions that you would like to sign up for.

3. Send a private message to the Marriott Concierge through FlyerTalk

Companies hate when they get negative publicity on FlyerTalk. You can also reach the Marriott Concierge by signing up for a FlyerTalk account and then sending them a request through a private message.

How changing the promotion works?

These customer service people cannot change the promotion that you were originally targeted for, but they can notate your account that you were switched to another promotion. Then, once the promotion is over, they need to manually post the certificates or points to your account, and possibly remove what you have earned from the promotion that you were originally targeted for.

My advice would be to do it electronically so that you have a form of proof that this actually took place. If you decide to do it over the phone, make sure that you write down the name of the person and the date and time of the call.

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