Air Canada Aeroplan Offering Bonuses for Partner Activities

Earlier in the month Aeroplan launched a Star Challenge promotion that is still going on for more than a week. You can have some transactions to credit for both of these two promotions.


Aeroplan has now a separate promotion going on until August 31st, 2012 where you can earn some bonus miles for up to 5 travel partner transactions for a total 2250 bonus Aeroplan miles.


Personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to qualify for these miles, but if you are crediting some stays for the program anyway, it makes sense to sign up for this offer as well. Just make sure that you read the small print regarding activity that qualifies for this promotion i.e. point transfers from hotel programs do not.

Here are the terms and conditions:

Members must register for the promotion in order to receive the bonus miles. A maximum of 2,250 bonus miles per member may be earned during the promotion period. Bonus miles will be credited for each of the five (5) possible transactions with Aeroplan Travel Partners to your account on the Sunday following transaction reception from the travel partner with whom you have made a transaction. Please note that some partners may take up to six (6) weeks to transfer the information to Aeroplan. Travel transaction activities such as flights, hotel stays, car rentals, vacation packages, cruise bookings and parking stays must be completed byAugust 31, 2012. Travel transaction activities made prior to registration but within the promotional period (May 7 to August 31, 2012) will be eligible if the member registers by August 31, 2012. A travel transaction activity refers to regular (base) miles that are earned for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, cruise bookings, vacation packages and parking transactions from the travel partner. The member is responsible for providing the travel partner with their Aeroplan Number at the time of booking or check–in, in accordance with the travel partner’s terms and conditions for earning regular (base) miles. For full details on how to earn miles with each partner, please visit Redeeming with Aeroplan Travel Partners does not qualify as an eligible transaction activity. Receiving Aeroplan Miles by converting hotel points during the promotional period does not qualify as a travel accumulation activity. To earn the additional bonus miles from the individual featured partner offers, follow the instructions provided for each partner’s offer.