New Starwood SPG Benefit – Stay & Night Credits For Up To 3 Rooms At a Time

Starwood has done some terms and conditions changes lately that have gone largely unpublished. One was the “Global Personalization at Starwood” where Starwood can now “spy” you on your social networks like Facebook and LinkEdIn. But there are other changes made as well.

Apparently, you have been able to earn points, stay and night credits for up to 3 rooms at a time since March 1st this year. If you are an SPG member and book three rooms under your SPG account number for one night, you will receive both three night and stay credits. This is quite a change. Previously you were able to earn Starpoints for up to three rooms, but you wouldn’t get stay or night credits for more than one room at a time.

Is Starwood Spying Its Guests on Facebook and LinkedIn – Global Personalization at Starwood?

I was trying to find out this info from the updated terms and conditions dated March 15th, 2012. This information, however, is not explicitly listed there at all:


There are no mentions that one would also earn stay and night credits, but this was confirmed by the Starwood’s social media representatives recently on FlyerTalk:


So, if you play your cards right, you only need eight stays of 3 rooms + one stay to make a Platinum status with the Starwood. This really helps, if you are in need of mattress runs. You can do three stays in a one night when the rates are low i.e. during weekends and around the holidays.