Hyatt Website Problems Continue – Double Points Withdrawn for Award Stays

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Hyatt has one of the most unstable hotel websites that I have ever used to book hotels. It can be down for several hours midweek for “scheduled” maintenance.

The only problem is not the instability of the site, but also the functionality. I have had the website to withdrawn points twice for award stays multiple times. It is easy to catch this when there are two deductions on the account history, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the points are withdrawn twice, but there is only one line on the account activity. Last time I noticed this only, because I thought that the balance quite didn’t seem right.

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This is probably not a problem if you only have a small number of points in your account. When you have hundreds of thousands or millions, like some of my friends have, it is not as easy to spot a double deduction of points.

Here’s what have been happening with my account. I made a reservation for the Grand Hyatt Jakarta for the Friday night. When the website prompted for a credit card to confirm it, I just double clicked the field and it was populated with the Amex number that I had inputted previously. Apparently there is something wrong with the syntax because I got the following screen next:


When I go back and correct the card number manually, I then get the confirmation number.


When I go back and check my account balance, you can see that Hyatt has now withdrawn the number of points required TWICE for this.


As I posted above, I have had this happen in the past when there has only been one line, although the points were withdrawn twice. When I have called the Gold Passport they were able to see this on their internal systems and correct the double withdrawal of points.

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