Few Words About My Hotel Reviews


I am going to post a quite a few hotel reviews in the forthcoming month. Most of them are positive, but there are going to be some negative ones as well. Unlike most travel sites that post reviews, I don’t get paid by the hotels in money or by giving free stays to write puff pieces about them.

I have already uploaded the videos to youtube.com/loyaltylobby, but haven’t had time to go through the photos and write the reviews yet.

Couple of people have  posted feedback comments about my hotel reviews that I would like to address here as well. BTW I don’t remove comments that criticize my reviews. As long as the comments are respectful and don’t contain profanity, I don’t have problems with them.



First of all, the opinions of the hotel and the stay are based on my expectations of the brand and the hotel in question. If the hotel is top of the line Park Hyatt such as Shanghai or Sydney, my expectations for the stay are much higher compared to i.e. Holiday Inn Suva.

For a Park Hyatt hotel in Sydney or Shanghai, I expect the stay to be as flawless as one could think. Both of the hotels failed in this respect. Are they both good hotels? Absolutely.  Do I think that they are fantastic hotels? No, I don’t.

And here’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to hotels and the program. You should never over promise and under deliver. It should always be the exact opposite. But with the hotels and their programs that is often not the case.