British Airways ‘Know Me’ Initiative – Let’s Google Passenger Photos

This should be nothing new to of my blog. Last month, I wrote about Starwood GPS’s (Global Personalization at Starwood) initiative to spy SPG member on their Facebook, LinkedIn, FlyerTalk et all profiles to “enhance” the stay experience.

Now, British Airways has started similar ‘Know Me’ initiative. Some flight attendants are armed with iPad’s that they are supposed to use to Google photos of the passengers to offer them more personalized service like welcoming them on board using their name etc. Also these iPad’s have information about passengers past and forthcoming flight activity and possible problems that they have reported previously.


There has now been number of pieces written on the British media about this including Evening Standard & Daily Mail. Even the Fox News picked up the story in the United States.


As was the case with the Starwood, I wouldn’t mind if I had given an explicit permission for BA to snoop me on Google et al. I do think, however, that the time would be better spent by enhancing the customer experience on the ground and on the board.

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