AviancaTaca LifeMiles 100% Transfer Bonus (Buy Miles at 1.5 Cents)

AviancaTaca’s Lifemiles is now offering a transfer bonus for miles transferred between LifeMiles members. You have to pay a fee of $15 for every 1000 LifeMiles transferred. Essentially, you are buying miles at 1.5 cents each. This is very interesting because the airline joined the Star Alliance last month and just released an award chart for Star Alliance carriers.


This offer is valid for transfer made from July 16th to July 31st, 2012. The minimum number of miles that you need to transfer is 1000 and the maximum 50000.

From July 16th to July 31st, for every 1,000 miles you transfer to the account of a relative or friend, we will double the miles transferred to your friend’s account. Pay USD $15 plus local taxes per each block of 1,000 miles.

Transfer now and enjoy with your friends flying with Avianca, TACA, AeroGal, Star Alliance member airlines, also at hotel stays, car rentals, tickets to amusement parks and many other options we offer your through our air and commercial partners’ network.

This promotion is available through, Avianca and /or TACA’s Information Centers and Call Center.

This is a great offer to get started on LifeMiles. You just buy few thousand miles first at the full price and then bounce them back and forth few times for $15 per 1K miles.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • This promotion is available at, Information Centers of Avianca and TACA and through our Call Center
  • This promotion applies between July 16th, 2012 and July 31st, 2012, as the last date of purchase.
  • Minimum transfer miles: 1,000
  • Maximum transfer miles: 50,000
  • The miles must be transferred in multiples of 1,000
  • Transfer fee for each block of 1,000 LifeMiles: USD $15 + local taxes
  • For residents in Colombia: block transfer fee of 1.000 LifeMiles is USD $15 + local taxes The values must be calculated at the Alaico rate of the date of transaction
  • For residents in Peru: the transfer fee for each block of 1,000 LifeMiles: USD $17.7, S. / 46.9. Rate change to July 1st, 2012: S /. 2.65
  • The amount paid for the miles’ transfer is not refundable
  • Form of payment through Call Center and credit card or international debit card. Cash payments are only allowed at Avianca or TACA’s Information Centers
  • The miles transferred and earned with this promotion do not apply to achieve Elite status.
  • Redemption charges apply for award tickets. Award tickets (obtained by means of accumulation, purchase or transfer miles) have no commercial value because it cannot be sold to third parties. If the award ticket is sold to a third party, the ticket becomes invalid and cannot be used for transportation and the user’s account will be eliminated. Remember that for redemptions in our products “Limited Seats” and “Seat Sale” may not be availability on all flights and /or dates. The product “All Seats” is always available; you can check how many miles are required at or at your closest Avianca or TACA’s Information Centers
  • LifeMiles Terms and Conditions apply

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