1500 (Maybe More) SAS Eurobonus Points For Watching Videos & Taking Quiz


SAS has an interesting game going on in Swedish, but it is not too difficult to understand with the help of the Google Translate. You can earn 1500 SAS Eurobonus points for watching (not required) few videos and answering to few quizzes that are based on them. You can try as many times as you wish to get the correct answer.


This is supposed to only work for new account, but it works for the old ones as well. All you need to do is to change the Eurobonus number and the first and the last name on the address bar. This was first reported by 21H21J on FT.



As I recently became SAS Eurobonus Gold member by a status match that SAS was offering for China Hong Kong, I decided to play the game. I was able to speak and understand Swedish at some point in my life, but those are really not needed to successfully complete these quizzes. You can answer as many times as you need to get your answer right.



After I had successfully completed the quiz, I logged to my Eurobonus account. The bonus points had already posted. That was fast!


Now, here’s another thing. Apparently you can do these multiple times by changing the EBB prefix to EBS, EBG, EBP or SK. I did the quizzes five times and got the bonus posted three times. Do this at your own risk!