European Union “Your Passenger Rights” Smartphone Application


European Union has strict compensation and reaccommodation requirements for all flights within the European Union, by European Union carriers worldwide, and for other carrier flights out from the European Union countries. The airlines are supposed to adhere to these requirements by default, but that is rarely the case. Most of the time you need to know what your rights are under this legislation and request the proper compensation/treatment.


Now, European Union has launched a handy smartphone application that is available for Apple IOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone. The application stores the info on internal memory so you don’t need to have data access to pull up the appropriate information during the travels.


The airlines are supposed to hand you a paper with your passenger rights in a case of delay and have this information available at the boarding gates as well. I have rarely seen this happen in reality, however.

Last year, I had to do some same day ticketing with United while I was at the Frankfurt airport. United had canceled couple of flights that date and the ticketing line was rather long due to rebookings that United was doing the following day. United never informed these passengers that they were due 600 euros each in delay compensation.

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