BMI Diamond Club to British Airways Transfer “Expired Avios”


Last week, I wrote about the ability to transfer miles from BMI Diamond Club to British Airways Avios. The tool was introduced back in July but, at the time, it had some functionality issues that I also  reported. I thought that everything going ok with my transfer. How wrong I was!


Apparently the miles that I transferred from BMI to BA expired the very same day that the transfer was completed. I have not had any activity on my Executive Club account for years as I have credited all my onewold alliance flights to American Airlines AAdvantage program. The BA’s system incorrectly just expires them.


I thought that this would be a perfect occasion to test how good BA’s Twitter team is at resolving issues. Sent the above tweet yesterday and should hopefully hear something from BA later today.


BA’s system incorrectly expires miles that are transferred from BMI if you haven’t had any account activity for some time. Not sure why BA has not corrected this issue.

If you have the same issue as I, you need to contact British Airways Executive Club to correct the issue.

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