InterContinental Reviews Coming….

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about leaving a review of the InterContinental property that you have visited. I just received an email from InterContinental about this functionality. It is launched in phases and the property that I reviewed, InterContinental Manila, will be included in November.

Many thanks for your interest in the new Guest Reviews program for InterContinental Hotels. As a valued guest your opinions are important to us, but especially to those looking for the right hotel or resort for their next trip.

The Guest Reviews program is launching in phases across the globe. InterContinental Manila Guest Reviews will be launching by end of November of this year, and at that time we will publish your review. We apologize for the delay in publishing your review but do value your thorough and honest opinions.  To that end, we would be glad to notify you at this email address once your review is published.

There has been lot of noise about fake online reviews lately about pretty much anything. According to some scientific study, large percentage of TripAdvisor reviews are fake and done by people who have never set their foot anywhere near the property they arr writing about. These surveys that can be left only by guests that have actually stayed at the property can thus be more believable, although I would rather leave them on a non-branded website.

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