Priority Club “Roles to Rooms” Promotion: 15000 Bonus Points for Four Stays


Priority Club has launched a new promotion “Roles to Rooms” that is valid from August 30th to November 30th, 2012. You will earn 2500 bonus points after 2nd stay, 5000 bonus points after third stay, and 7500 bonus points after fourth stay. Note that this promotion is based on STAYS and not on NIGHTS.  You need to register for this promotion. The promotion code is 1114.

Please note that I have an update about this promotion that you can fine here.


Note that this offer is apparently somewhat targeted. It didn’t work for a family account that had the address in the States but did allow registration for an account that is based in Asia. If you get an error message that the offer code is invalid, then this offer is not available in the country that your Priority Club account is based.

The promotion didn’t show up on “My Promotion”, but that is not always indicative whether the bonus points will post or not. I will have three IHG stays this coming weekend and will post an update if the bonus points posted or not.


This is a nice addition to the other current Priority Club point promotions that I wrote about earlier this week. You can access the other posts here and here.

This offer is at least geographically targeted i.e. if your account address in the States, the promotion won’t register for you. I was able to register an account that was based in Asia, but won’t know for sure, whether these bonuses posts or not, before my stays this coming weekend. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Doesn’t work for UK account – weirdly clicking through gave a promo code of 1114 – neither that nor 1124 worked 🙁

  2. Sad to say it doesn’t work for me either in the UK!
    Can’t say how much fun I’ve has in the last 3 hours since I found this site though…
    I’ve probably missed 500k points over the last 10 years because I didn’t know about the offers..Will be paying more attention now!
    Thank you all…

  3. […] by John O. on September 7, 2012 // __reach_config = { pid: '50253726a782f36a1b00003e', title: 'Priority Club “Roles To Rooms” Promotion Update: 15K for 4 Stays', tags: ["ihg","intercontinental-hotels-group","priority-club","roles-to-rooms"], authors: ["John O."], channels: ["intercontinental-hotels-group-priority-club"], slide_active: true, date: '2012-09-07 09:13:42', url: '', header: 'RECOMMENDED FOR YOU' }; var content = document.getElementById('simplereach-slide-tag').parentNode, loc; if (content.className){ loc = '.' + content.className; } if ({ loc = '#' +; } __reach_config.loc = loc || content; (function(){ var s = document.createElement('script'); s.async = true; s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = document.location.protocol + '//'; __reach_config.css = ''; var tg = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; if (!tg) {tg = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];} if (tg) {tg.appendChild(s);} })(); On August 30th, I wrote about a new Priority Club promotion for 15K points for 4 stays. You can access the post here. […]

  4. As an update, it has now worked for me in THE _UK_
    It didn’t to start with, so have another go…
    Perhaps they’ve changed the targeting, or just mucked up their IT again…
    I’ll let you know if they post as I have 4 stays before the end of the month!

  5. Weirdly, workewd for me today for a _UK_ account that failed 3 weeks ago…
    Not sure what’s up and how that happened, but I’ll let you know if the points post as I have 4 stays left this month…

    • Interesting as it didn’t work previously. For some reason a stay that I had in South America didn’t apply for this promotion but the stays that I had in Asia did. I am waiting for clarification if the stays need to be in Asia Pacific region as well. If they should, they should have included that in the terms and conditions as well.

      • Will do.

        It doesn’t show up in the awards list, but it’ll be pretty clear if they post as I have 4 stays before the end of the month…

        Keep up the good work… if you can find the time between trips!



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