Qantas New Partnership with Emirates and Dropping JVA with BA, CX & AF Codeshares


During the past few years Emirates has grown significant on the Australian market by connecting number of cities to their global network. Emirates also operates several of so called trans-Tasman routes between Australia and New Zealand.


Qantas will drop its Singapore to Franfurt route and will start connecting its entire European network via Dubai. Qantas will continue to operate two flights per day to London Heathrow via Dubai from Sydney and Melbourne, but all the other destinations will be served using Qantas codeshares on Emirates metal.


Emirates will get access to Qantas’ domestic network for feeder flights to supports its Australian network.

Qantas will end its joint venture agreement with British Airways and codeshare agreements with both Cathay Pacific and Air France.

Both airlines will acknowledge the frequent flyer statuses of each others frequent fliers.

You can read more about this announcement on dedicated website at


This is really interesting development. Emirates is an alliance independent airline and Qantas is a member of Oneworld alliance. It doesn’t bode well for the alliance if Qantas is dropping its codeshare agreements with Cathay Pacific and ending the JVA (join venture agreement) with British Airways.

It has also been speculated that Qatar is likely to join an alliance and might be leaning towards Oneworld .

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