Yellow Fever, Influenza & Hepatitis A Vaccinations in Bangkok


The other week, I got denied boarding when I was trying to enter flight to South Africa from Brazil due to not having my Yellow fever vaccination proof with me. When I was in Bangkok earlier this week, I decided to have this fixed and get my second Hepatitis A shot at the same time.


The Thai Red Cross building, where you can get all these done, is as also known as snake farm. I guess that they must have some sort of snake farm/exhibition in there as well. It is centrally located close to the Silom area.


So, here’s the deal. It is very inexpensive to have these vaccinations done in Bangkok. The fee is only 20 THB that covers the prescription. The Yellow Fever vaccination was 900 THB, the Hepatitis A 1400 THB, and the influence one 400 THB.


You first need to sign up.


Then nurse will measure your blood pressure.


Then you go to another room to wait for a doctor.


After getting the prescription there is a pharmacy where you pick up the meds.


Then back to the same room and a nurse will administer the injections.


All this took about an hour from arriving to leaving.


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Bangkok is an excellent place to get visas or even some vaccinations as I just did. I had the yellow fever vaccination done previously, but the documentation was lost at some point. Just an hour of my time and less than 2800 THB ($90), I had not only the yellow fever but also influenza and hepatitis A taken care as well.

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