Priority Club “Roles To Rooms” Promotion Update: 15K for 4 Stays


On August 30th, I wrote about a new Priority Club promotion for 15K points for 4 stays. You can access the post here.


The promotion is available to those that have their Priority Club account address in the Asia Pacific region. All others will receive a message about invalid promotion code. Also, the promotion doesn’t show up on “My Promotions” even when you have successfully registered.


I can now confirm that if you successfully signed for the promotion and even if it doesn’t show up in your “My Promotions”, you will receive the bonus points. I just had couple of stays and the first set of bonus points (2500) posted after the second stay.


This is an excellent Priority Club promotion that you should sign up for. If your account address is not in the Asia pacific region, it would be worthwhile to change it there temporarily. I am sure that we all have someone in out extended circle of friends that is living in the region. Just ask if you can use their address temporarily.

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