July Air Travel Consumer Report Is Out and United Is Still Dead Last

DOT (Department of Transportation) just released their latest Air Travel Consumer Report that covers 2012 up to the end of July. The United Airlines numbers are still as dismal as they were last month. You can access the full report on DOT’s website here.

DOT Flight Operations Canceled

United cancelled 2.4% of their scheduled flights. The next worse American Airlines canceled 1.2% of their scheduled flights.

DOT Mishandled Package
DOT Mishandled Package

The numbers for mishandled package (4.84 reports per 1000 passengers) are worst of the major carriers as well.

DOT Consumer Complaints
DOT Consumer Complaints

Where United really shines are the complaints to DOT. United received almost half of all the complaints of the US airlines. United received 995 complaints in the month of July and the total number of complaints received by the DOT was 2057.

DOT Complaints per Enplanements
DOT Complaints per Enplanements

But when you look at the complaint number per enplanements are four times the second worst US Airways.


It is somewhat surprising that United appears to have done nothing to get their customer service up and running after the merger with Continental and the systems integration that happened on March this year. At some point these dismal figures must have an effect on revenue coming in as well. Passengers will put op only so much before their move their business to other airlines.

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