Cathay Pacific Introduces New Regional Business Class

Should I say that it was about the time? I flew on Sunday on Cathay from AKL to BKK via HKG and the HKG-BKK was on this horrible regional business class seat. Recline was close to zero, hardly any leg space, and the ancient entertainment system.


Anyway, Cathay blasted an email yesterday for all Marco Polo club members about the new regional business class that they start introducing next year and the full implementation will take until then end of 2014.


I have to say that I am not sold based on the tiny pictures that they blasted on their website. It doesn’t show how much these seat would recline and how much space you have in fact. When airlines don’t publish these, you can expect the worst. Based on the picture this looks more like a premium economy product that a business class one. And don’t get me started about this color scheme.


On the positive side they are rolling out the AVOD StudioCX entertainment system to these planes, have power ports in all seats, and the regional product should be consistent once the implementation is done.


It was about the time for Cathay Pacific to introduce new regional business class. Personally, I am not blown away by this development. But as long as these are only used for short hops, it should be ok.

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