Marriott Rewards Special “Thank You Offer” for Extending Elite Status

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Every September Marriott emails out a specialized offer for those Platinum members that are not meeting the requalification requirement of 75 nights. These emails went out again this week.


The offer is typically a requirement of 20 nights between the October 1 and December 31 to renew the Platinum status regardless of the number of nights stayed earlier in the year.

You have to decide if this offer is right for you. I would suggest that you consider the following other options as well:

1. You can buy back the Platinum status next year for 50K Marriott Rewards points. You can do it yearly.

2. You can do a Marriott Platinum status challenge in 2013 and have the Platinum status to be valid until 2015. You only need 9 stays within 3 months period + the month you sign up.

It might be time to consider if you really need the Platinum status? The Gold status gives pretty much the same core benefits i.e. complimentary internet and club access as the Platinum status.


I would probably wait and see if the Marriott would extend the Platinum status without having to put up any unnecessary night. Then, next year, if they didn’t extend the Platinum status, you could buy back the status or do the challenge.