Unintended Feature of Hilton’s New Website: Award Reimbursement Rates Shown


Hilton has one of the more dysfunctional hotel websites as of late. I probably need to log in from anywhere 4 to 5 times when trying to complete a reservation. Now, Hilton has at least revamped the graphic layout the site, but I am not sure if they have touched the back end at all.


When I was going through my past reservations earlier today, I realized that it was not only showing the rates that I had paid but also the rates that the hotels were reimbursed by Hilton HHonors for award stays. It appears that Hilton has now corrected the error, but I wrote down some values.


Here’s what I found out:

Conrad Bali $36.30

Conrad Singapore 45.81 SGD

Conrad Macao 268 HKD

Conrad Hong Kong 256.82

Hilton Moorea FP 32 USD

Hilton Colombo Residence 38.08 USD

W/A Rome Cavalieri 40 Euros

W/A Shanghai on the Bund $35

As you can see, most of the basic reimbursements from the Hilton HHonors to the properties are about $40. This is inline what I have seen in some other hotels as well i.e. InterContinental Hotels Group.


Hotels get reimbursed very little for award stays unless the hotel is at capacity when they get close to the ADR (Average Daily Rate). Considering at what rates these programs are selling points to consumers and companies, the reimbursement to properties is very low.

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