LoyaltyLobby Turned One in September


LoyaltyLobby turned one last month when I was in Easter Islands to check out the Moai statues. The idea behind LoyaltyLobby had been on back of my head already for couple of years before I got the site up and running.

First Post on LoyaltyLobby in September 2011
First Post on LoyaltyLobby in September 2011

Travel blogs

Quite a few of the “travel” blogs have turned nothing more than blogs soliciting credit card sign ups and lifting travel related bits and pieces off of FlyerTalk and other travel related websites. Also, most of these folks really don’t travel that much, don’t really know the programs based on their own experience, and are generally lacking the most basic common sense.

My point was to make LoyaltyLobby one stop destination for correct, timely, and actionable information about hotel and airline loyalty programs and promotions without the fluff and hyperboles.

And, I can guarantee that you won’t see a photo of me on the entire site.  Narcissism isn’t my cup of tea.

How do I know what I know?

This is the easy part. I have been travelling pretty much non-stop since the early 2000’s and haven’t had a “home” since 2004. I have mostly spent my nights at Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental, Marriott and Starwood properties and have hundreds of stays in each one of them. I have also flown from anywhere between 200K to 300K miles per year on wide number of airlines.

So, for years I have been taking advantage of these programs to maximize, not their revenue out of me, but rather my comfort and miles/points in the process.

Loyalty programs to participate

I have always encouraged my friends to take advantage on number of airline and hotel loyalty programs. It makes absolutely no sense to be “blindly” loyal to any one of them. If you are blindly loyal, I can ensure that you are missing the point. None of these loyalty programs are loyal to you. They are in place to make switching from one hotel or airline program to another more difficult and to extract extra revenue out from you.

Being blindly loyal to any one program also makes you to pay far more than necessary.

I love the fact that I am able to select from number of programs & chains when I am selecting the hotel where I am going to stay at. None of the hotel programs really have a worldwide presence. Good luck finding a Marriott property in Maldives, French Polynesia, or Seychelles for that matter. This same lack of properties does apply for all these “global” chains in various cities/countries around the world.


So, I hope that you have enjoyed the first year of LoyaltyLobby as much as I have done. I can promise that I continue writing about the issues that I encounter during my travels on my dry and witty way.

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