1. […] via Teilen:Das könnte dich auch interessieren:50$ Gutschein auf Hotels bei United AirlinesUnited Airlines: New York im August ab 453 EuroEinen airBaltic Flug buchen und 20 Euro Gutschein geschenktPreisfehler: 5-Sterne Hotel in St. Petersburg für 2,49 Euro/NachtSchnell: Lufthansa 20 Euro Gutschein setTimeout(function () { var link = document.createElement("link"); link.rel = "stylesheet"; link.href= ""; link.type= "text/css"; document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].appendChild(link); }, 1); Mehr lesen von Miles&Points Meilen kostenlos, MileagePlus, Shopping Assistant, United Airlines /* […]

  2. […] by John O. on November 9, 2012 __reach_config = { pid: '50253726a782f36a1b00003e', title: 'Accor Hotels Super Sale (Coming) – 50% off for Le Club Accorhotel Members', tags: ["accor-hotels","accot","le-club-accorhotels","super-sale"], authors: ["John O."], channels: ["accor-hotels-le-club"], slide_active: true, date: '2012-11-10 05:07:17', url: '', header: 'RECOMMENDED FOR YOU' }; var content = document.getElementById('simplereach-slide-tag').parentNode, loc; if (content.className){ loc = '.' + content.className; } if ({ loc = '#' +; } __reach_config.loc = loc || content; (function(){ var s = document.createElement('script'); s.async = true; s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = document.location.protocol + '//'; __reach_config.css = ''; var tg = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; if (!tg) {tg = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];} if (tg) {tg.appendChild(s);} })(); Accor seems to be running their super sales few times a year. Note that this sale hasn’t officially started, but you can access the sale rates for some of the hotels using the link from the previous sale. This sale is officially open from November 12 to November 22, 2012. The discount for non-Le Club Accorhotels members is 40%. The membership is free so why not sign up at the Platinum level? […]

  3. Is this link still available. I signed up as per your instructions and replied back with a message and have not gotten anything back.

    Btw your tips saved me $2000 yesterday on flights!


  4. Hi John, Thanks for your valuable information. Your blog makes me smart in my life.I have signed up for your blog and sent an email for Le club plat member as you wrote. Please check my email.(icarus**** , Many thanks

  5. Hi John, this is Li. Would you please send me the link for Le Club Accorhotels Platinum Status? My Platinum status has just expired and I may take advantage of that later this year. Thank you in advance!

  6. […] Edit: 2PM EST (March 11): seems that Club Carlson has now deactivated this offer. As I posted originally on March 9, this was likely to be time sensitive sign up promo. You can get Club Carlson Gold status by doing a status match from Le Club Accorhotels Platinum status. You can get Le Club Accorhotels Platinum status by following the instructions here.  […]

  7. Hi John – I tried to sign up via the public link. Didn’t work. Would you mind sending me the “by request only” link?



  8. Hi John, I have sent you both email and facebook messages but I didn’t hear back from you for two days. Is that still available?

  9. Hi john,
    I sent followed your instructions and sent you an request email yesterday. haven’t heard back from you yet. a bit urgent. pls. thank you.

  10. I have already liked in Facebook and sent the private. There’s still something that confuses me… should I expect the link via another Facebook private message or was I supposed to provide some email address?

  11. “pleas send me the link please ok”

    “Follow the instructions on the text. (for the thousandth time)”

    Some people really don’t like to read hahah

  12. Hi, I signed upto the blog email updates and replied to the welcome email but havent had a response yet! Am i missing a trick?

  13. Hi, I’m following you on twitter now, please send me the link~~~~~~~~

  14. Hi John, I will message you again in FB. I am requesting again for the new link of instant Platinum status for Accor. I would like to sign up my sister for her upcoming stay in Sofitel. Thank you so much again…

  15. Hi, if you have valid links, please send to eliana.ibarra-lopez”at” I have subscribed to your emails and are booked to stay 30 days in Accor in China starting from today….

  16. Hi, John, I have tweeted you on tweeter and liked on facebook and sign up here as well, I need to platinum status match for ihg platinum , would you send me a link for accorhotel so i can status match to best western then to ihg plat please? many thanks

  17. I have already, sent you a direct message and open message, on twitter, a private messagem on facebook, And do not receivet no link for any code for platinum of accors club. Can you tell me what should i do

  18. Hey mate, I’ve dropped a messagem on Facebook yesterday asking for a link. I’m leaving Mercure today and I was really hoping to get double points for my stay, so if you can please send me the link on

    Thanks a lot.

  19. Hi jhon thank for the help I have wrote by twiter and facebookto get the private link for premiun accounts but i haven’t received any answer. Coul you help me, please? thank you again

  20. […] Accor A-Club / Le Club Accorhotels Platinum Status for New … – Accorhotels has had number of promotions for a complimentary Platinum status in their Le Club-program. These offers are targeted, but if you sign up using the right …… […]


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