Trouble Brewing for Marriott over Management of the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach

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The owner of Eden Roc hotel attempted to take over the hotel on October 14 in a hostile manner according to the Bloomberg.


The owner of the hotel sued Marriott back in April for mismanaging the property. The hostile takeover didn’t go to the plan and Marriott is still managing the hotel and have counter sued the owner.


Obviously the owner has a final say at some point and I wouldn’t be surprised if this hotel would disappear from Marriott’s portfolio sooner rather than later.


I have never considered Marriott to be a very successful company when it comes to desirable lifestyle brands. They are very good at managing your cookie cutter business hotels by providing uniform service.

Their recent launch of the Edition brand has not gone to the plan. The owner of Waikiki Edition took over the hotel on a manner in which the Eden Roc owner failed back in August 2011.