Hyatt Discontinues Passport Escape Awards Effective November 1

Hyatt Gold Passport has number of different types of awards. One of them is Passport Escape that comes either in a 5 day or 7 day version. Both of these are discontinued on November 1, 2012.


The 5 day award includes the room + 5 breakfasts + 3 dinners & the 7 day award includes the room + 7 breakfasts + 5 dinners. Both of these are for two people.


The premium per night that you need to pay over basic room only is 2166 points on the 5 day version and 8000 points per night at the 7 day version.

This is a very good award to redeem in a place like Park Hyatt Maldives. Quite frankly, if you have a late breakfast and then dinner, there is no need to purchase lunch on the 3 days (on the 5 day version of this award) that the dinner is included.


It is sad to see redemption options gone. This is a “special” award that only works well in a specific circumstance like the one mentioned above.

The fact that you could redeem Hyatt Gold Passport points for instant awards like dinner is no replacement for this. A dinner for two that would cost more than $200 at the Park Hyatt Maldives, would require you to redeem an additional 24000 per dinner.

It is sad that Hyatt Gold Passport hasn’t made any official announcement beyond the Gold Passport concierge reply on FlyerTalk about discontinuance of this award type.

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