Kingfisher Airline Shutdown as Operational License Suspended


Kingfisher stopped all of its flight the other week after airline’s employees went to strike due to unpaid wages since March. Now, the airline’s operational license has been suspended by the Indian government.


The statement on Kingfisher’s website sounds very hopeful.


If you have flights on Kingfisher airlines that are ticketed by other airlines’ stock, you need to contact the issuing airline or travel agent to have you rebooked on airlines that are still flying. For tickets issued on Kingfisher airlines, it is probably best to just dispute the charge with the credit card company.


It is quite remarkable that the airline was still joining the oneworld alliance this time last year. The death spiral with Kingfisher has been painful.  It probably should have ended the flights long time ago when it was first suspended from the IATA’s clearing house and planes was being repoed by the finance companies at overseas ports.


I guess that we should all have a refreshing bottle or two of Kingfisher beer that has allowed this craziness with the airline to continue this long.

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